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I am desperate4any help or guidance in the matter! (Bahamas)

I am based in Muscat now & I do have a worry who hunted me as I ever remember! My mothers have suffered for mental illness for decades & she never been treated ever & she’s only getting worse & worse. The mental health in general where I am based is very poor! So I am planning to take a step & travel to Atlanta or to any suggested other state in the States that is well known to have very good clinics in general that can give mum the treatment she really needs. I don’t have a medical insurance its all self paid. I appreciate a lot if anyone knows any names of a nom-profit foundation for mental health in general who can be for a help & guidance. I have understood that the tax can vary from one state to another & am wondering if it will make a big difference for my budget as it’s going to be a long term treatment and not a quick fix! I Thank you very much for your time & I am very grateful to any comment.
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