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Sylvain Grevert

Living in Bahamas, from Austria

"The platform is very well done - many good features and information that really support your decision to settle abroad."

Carla Echevarria

Living in Bahamas, from Spain

"Living on the Bahamas may sound like a holiday dream, but working here long term is something different. InterNations got me in touch with people who know what I am talking about. "

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Welcome to Our Community of Expats in the Bahamas

Hello, and welcome to our community of fellow expats in the Bahamas, an idyllic setting for your new adventure. Our aim at InterNations is to support you as you navigate the tricky process of relocation, and to remove any obstacles you may face. Here, you have access to comprehensive guides, insider tips and up-to-date advice. Find the answers to your questions such as, "are there any international schools on the islands?" and "how do I access healthcare?". We also encourage you to join our forum, where other expats in the Bahamas are happy to answer your day-to-day questions and address your concerns. Build on their experience and knowledge on everything from restaurant recommendations to the best fishing trip for beginners. Especially created to support expats, joining InterNations opens the doors to the Bahamas.

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What Is Expat Life in the Bahamas Like?

With all the ingredients necessary to attract worldwide visitors, it's unsurprising that the main industry in the Bahamas is tourism, which equates to 60% of the country's GDP. The second major employer is financial services and banking. Expats working in the Bahamas will almost certainly be employed in one of these two areas, with agriculture accounting for just 5% of the GDP.

The country's worldwide appeal to travelers means that expats can enjoy water parks, historical forts, galleries, museums, and regular festivals. Botanical gardens, aquariums, and boat trips around the islands give nature enthusiasts the chance to explore the local wildlife.
With stunning vacation brochure locations and English as the official language, most expats relocating to the Bahamas will fit in easily. The climate and surroundings make for an outdoorsy lifestyle of sailing, diving, fishing, and snorkeling, while cricket is a national pastime with regular matches to enjoy.

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When relocating it can be difficult to meet others and build a new social circle, but with InterNations you are part of a community offline as well as virtually. Our members hail from all over the world and you are invited to meet them by attending our regular social events. We also encourage you to explore our groups for different hobbies and interests to find more opportunities of socializing with your fellow expats and share your interests in exploring the city and dining out as you embark on a new life in the Bahamas.

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