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Exploring new territories... (Baku)

Hello all. My name is Ed and I enjoyed a pleasant interview this morning with a firm in Baku. If I receive an offer, any thoughts on metro stops where housing should be considered would be appreciated.

I've lived in the FSU/CIS before so being a couple of stops from center doesn't terribly concern me (say Protected content as long as there are a couple of grocery stores to choose from and reasonably safe conditions.

I'm not a clubber and prefer quieter venues, coffees, torts, even cafeterias are my choice over the tourist-trap places with linen tablecloths. I'd rather barbeque on my balcony than pay out for over-priced pub fare.

That said, I do like knowing the expat hangouts. I'm not a well-heeled oil engineer or exec with a car and driver, but an occasional pint with the gang is usually doable.

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