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Bangalore State of Mind - How boring

I moved from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore 2 months ago.. contrasting cities of the world i should say.

In Abu Dhabi, Internations has a global presence, with thousands of people across the globe who are interested in meeting and knowing people from different parts of the world. On my arrival in Abu Dhabi The Internations ambassador for Abu Dhabi greeted me and invited me for their Weekend Get Togethers which they call coffee gatherings.

Its been 2 months in bangalore, i dont even know who the ambassador, is he/she really interested in getting people of different nationalities to even get to know each other.

I dont see any events happening, no coffee invites, no weekly get togethers, nobody seems interested in a meet or greet conversation. I should say Internations does not exist in Bangalore, its only a formality that has to be kept up and maintained.

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