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Jonathan Brown

Living in India, from Great Britain

"The great events organized by InterNations helped me get to know Delhi expats from all over the world."

Sophie Poirier

Living in India, from Canada

"When I moved from Canada to Delhi, InterNations helped me connect with fellow Americans and feel more at home."

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Welcome to the InterNations Community of Expats in India!

Namaste, and welcome to our expat communities in India, the home of curry, as well as some of the most captivating culture and ancient history on the planet. A combination of this impressive past and an exciting new generation of entrepreneurs and small businesses is what makes India so special, and is driving its position in the world as a global economic power.

Historically, expats have populated the beautiful country of India for the decades during British rule, and continue to do so today. The culture may be a little different now, but the people have always been exceptionally friendly, as is the expat community of InterNations. If you're wondering, “where should I stay in Delhi?”, “which parts of Mumbai are safe?”, or “Are there any job prospects on the gorgeous beaches of Goa?”, then you can contact the Indian expat community online for advice through InterNations. Once you arrive, you can also attend our events or join interest-based groups to make new friends and contacts. The dedicated community will be happy to answer your questions, however trivial, and will do everything they can to help you settle in.

There are reportedly around 20,000 to 30,000 expatriates living in the exotic country of India, and the ever increasing number of foreigners are drawn to the country's incredibly diverse landscape. From the bustling, thriving cities full of people, like Mumbai and New Delhi, and the peaceful beaches and backwaters of Goa and Kerala, to the ancient temples and monuments that fill the north of the country, and the quaint colonial towns such as Pondicherry that offer a different view — India has something for everyone.

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Learn More about Being an Expat in India

If you're looking for work, you may end up finding a home in one of India's major cities such as Delhi or Mumbai. These cities mix the old India with the new, up and coming side of the country. With jobs ranging from teaching to working as a CEO of a big corporation, India has a diverse choice of lifestyle. Plenty of expats have also opted for a simpler way of life in the relaxed atmosphere of beach-lined Goa, which has seen British, American, and Australian expats calling it home for decades.

The cost of living in India is relatively low, particularly in comparison to the West. Housing, food, entertainment, and education are much lower, even in the larger and more affluent cities. India has a number of dialects throughout the country, but English is very widely spoken, which makes communication relatively easy. Because there are so many dialects in the country, it's often easier for Indians to communicate with each other using English anyway!

Indians are extremely friendly and most expats find that it is easy to settle into life in India — although the food, housing, and culture can be very different, expats will often live a very luxurious life in India, particularly if they are earning Western currency. The rupee did see some growth in 2014, however, encouraging a surge of inbound capital flows and stabilization of the rupee.

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All of the expats of InterNations went through a strict membership approval process, so that you can feel safe when talking to other members about your experiences or asking them questions or meeting up with them in real life at our events. All of InterNations’ members are like-minded expats with plenty of advice and life experience to offer.

InterNations is not only a great place to chat online to other expats, but also a way of meeting up with other foreigners when you arrive in India. There are a number of groups you can sign up for, such as the Art Evenings Group in New Delhi, the Theater Lovers Group in Mumbai or the Outdoors and Adventures Group in Pune. Trying something new in a new place can be a great way to meet other people like you, and getting involved with a group in real life also gives you an instant social life that, in a place that you are unfamiliar with, is a great start to your new life.

Enjoy India's rich culture, cuisine, and landscape through groups and events organized by the Indian expat community. Meet like-minded people in person, make great friends, and experience the unique and incredibly exciting life as an expat in India through InterNations.

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