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Foreigners registration office, takes all day! (Bangalore)


Yesterday I went 1 month early, with all my documents as I will be over my Protected content in India continuously next month as I did not go to USA this summer. I was early and had all documents on list, took me 8 hours plus. It is a nightmare in inefficient, management.

Here's the process incase anyone else needs to do it, I was blind going in.

Register online to get a appointment date, get checklist of papers needed, arrive at appointment get in que to get a token, wait 1-1/12 hours in said que. get token, now go wait Protected content for token no., then go upstairs to wait for token no. At counter to be called another 1 1/2-2 hours...

I left at 6:10 pm and have to go back Monday to collect my paper.

Uuuugggggg, they need a "bang head here" sign with a circle on it so you can bang your head against the wall...God forbid if you had anything wrong? They tried to ask me for my paperwork for my PIO card, I said its valid for another ten years, and I'm not renewing my PIO, just registering, the two are not related, I also have a separate valid ten year visa. Also it is not ask for on your list and I've been here for almost 8 hours.he then ask for my children's birth certificates, I said I don't have them they are not required to register they are under 16. Finally he took copies of their PIO cards I happened to have with me just in case. Also wanted not only my lease agreement signed but letter from landlord and his ID copy, luckily my landlord is extremely nice.

Anyway, many people were frustrated, and not prepared to be there all day.

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