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FRRO Problems (Bangalore)

Hi all!

There is one thing that i believe all will agree... and its how bad it is the FRRO in Bangalore and how unrespectfully they treat you there, aside of how unprofessional they are asking for not needed papers when you have all of them.

Specially when its about Employment Visa renewal (i've seen it happen to 2 friends) sometimes they just collect the papers and never give you an answer forcing you to leave the country or stay in a non-completely-legal-situation causing you problems if you have to apply for Indian Visa again. And all this having a Job contract and meeting all the salary requirements and so.

Until now i have seen many friends that were working in india for over 2 years been forced to leave because of how randomly and badly organised the FRRO is, as well as because of their unrespectful attitude not giving you any explanation.

I personally have never had any problem with it (aside from the unrespectful tratment and random demands that i luckily manage to fullfill), but as i have seen it so many times already, i wonder what will happen next time i try to extend my visa... because someone decides to, i may not get it extended, so my companies office in bangalore will have to be closed and 10 indians will loose their jobs.

And i seriously believe that this is not right at all, as foreigners are treated way better in any other FRRO office (for what i read) and the other FROO offices are a lot more efficient and follow the written acts about it, not their own random thoughts.

On the other hand, it is harmful for the city itself, with all this problems, many foreign companies have decided to change the offices to other indian cities (or even outside of india) because of this Visa problems only, even if everything else was perfect for them.

So, with all this i really believe that we, the expat comunity should do something to protect our rights, to be respected and not to go through mayhem every time our employment visa is going to expire. To do so there can be several lines of action, from publishing an article in the Times of India to create a petition in or using some powerful contacts to make it change. The thing is that i lack the contacts or writing knowledge to do so, so if anyone has contacts that can make things happen, or if you just think that it has to change and you want to collaborate in some way, just reply with ideas and lets make things happen! :)

Thank you very much, and lets change what we cant stand ^_^

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