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hilarious blog on india : amblingindian (Bangalore)

Hoping some of you have read my blog Protected content
To get updates, please subscribe to the blog ( free ) or like it on facebook page amblingindian.

About the blog :
' a quirky, hilarious and thought provoking account of life in india". Warning - reading this blog may make you laugh or cry.
As of today, the blog has registered Protected content views, worldwide with Us, india, germany and Thailand topping the list. it is only 4.5 months old.

Do read and share. Thanks for your attention. I do post stuff on bangalore , from time to time . Am concurrently working on a book , also a hilarious one. The book will take a lot longer, maybe a year or so, meanwhile, please keep reading the blog.

Pl send in your comments also, thanks a lot !
Aina Rao . the amblingindian

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