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Home Gas Supply - Help! (Bangalore)

We have recently moved and over paid for Joyti Gas to replace an empty cylinder in the flat. I have been attempting to source a cheaper supply, but was somewhat thwarted today...

HP Gas - the company the land lord suggested didn't want to know... suggested we got to Indian Gas!

So I went to Indian Gas... who would only sell me a package including a new gas stove! For the princely sum of INR7500... someone's having a giraffe.

So, what's the actual story?! I need to bring copies of my tenancy, proof of ID, photographs, the recent electric bill... probably an inside leg measurement also in triplicate... that's the easy bit... getting someone to turn up & provide me with the gas I need is proving the hard bit!


Edit: Apologies - this should have been under Q&A.

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