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Kids in school and racism... (Bangalore)


Hi, have any of you experienced problems in the schools your expat kids attend? My kids are struggling not with the curriculum, but with the culture and racism I suppose.

Teachers who are extremely strict, if my child doesn't listen, or expresses a different point of view, or try's to explain something they are hit with the ruler, yelled at, hit, etc. other children shout we hate America which then causes a fight. I have constant complaints from the children about the teachers and teachers about the kids.

I did not have these complaints in USA. My kids are spirited and outgoing, smart, pulling good grades. I'm very frustrated as a parent. My kids don't like school here.

My children are the only non Indian children in this school. Indian teachers expect children to sit down, shut up, be quiet. Being a individual is not good.

I'm at the point I tell the kids to be quiet, like it or not, shut up, do the work, just get by till summer break. Are all schools this strict? This is a international syllabus public school.

We are looking to possibly change schools, but we like our neighborhood. Other international schools are very far from here.

Sorry need to vent, any suggestions are appreciated. We are afraid if we move the school might be the same and we would have left a area we really like living in and are used too.


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