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Life in Bangalore.

Hi All,

I am considering to relocate to Bangalore,, currently I live in Shanghai.
I havent decided yet, and I would like to get some help from you.

#1. Traffic safety issue - I will use public transportation.
I found some information
that car accidents/pedestrian death in the city is very high.
How is the traffic there? I scream from time to time,
while I cross streets in Shanghai. I know.. I am not 100% normal.

#2. Living cost.
What do you think about the living cost in Bangalore? Most of my indian friends said it is as high as Shanghai because I am an expat. For example, if I go to a nice restaurant in Shanghai, it costs me Protected content . and this is not very cheap for me , to be honest. Speaking of housing, it costs Protected content in downtown shanghai to sublease a master bedroom in a Protected content apartment.

#3. Medical expense
How expensive it is to see a proper doctor if I go to an international medical center. In Shanghai, it costs 700RMB to simply get a consultation with a western doctor. X-rays are about 800RMB I think..

Thank you for your help in advance.

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