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Living area? (Bangalore)

Hi, my husband and I are considering a potential move to Bangalore and are, like many others, trying to find out about schools, housing & commuting!

My husband's work will be in or near Whitefield (don't know where exactly) and I am thinking of Trio World School as it follows the British curriculum. The job will be a 2-year stint so I want the boys' (7 & 4) transition to & from school here to be as seamless and easy as possible.

However, I gather this is an hour's commute by school bus, which seems a little long for small children.

Someone suggested Indira Nagar as an alternative to live, but I know nothing about it and can't see it on the Trio bus routes.
Ideally, I'm looking for somewhere to live near school, that's on the bus route, an expat community but that's also on the route to Whitefield so my husband doesn't end up with an unbearably long journey to work. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!

Many thanks

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