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Schooling and housing (Bangalore)


Hi, my husband and I are in the process of deciding whether to move to Bangalore with his company. We have three children and are worried about the impact on their schooling. My husbands work is located near Whitefields which I understand is an area where lots of expats live.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on where to live if the boys attend the Trio World International School which is on the Kodigehalli Main Road, Sahakar Nagar. It would make sense to live somewhere between the two (whitefields and Sahakar Nagar)and I would be keen to know how long it would take to get to each place. We would be looking for a safe home for our family, in a gated community.

If anyone can suggest a good school that is within easy reach of the Whitefields area then this may be more suitable. The boys currently attend an excellent private school and I do not want to compromise their education.

We are both in agreement that if the children are sorted then the move is possible.

My apologies for all the questions but in need of some good advice.


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