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Evonik Chemical Lab
Do You Need Qualified Technicians Or Reliable Ssd Chemical Solution Company? Contact Evonik Chemical Lab For Your Super Automatic Ssd Solution And Activation Powder For Cleaning Defaced Currency And Black Dollar/Pounds Notes Of All Kind.

We Are Direct Manufacturer And Main Supplier Of All Kind Of Chemicals Which Include Ssd Solutions,Super Automatic Solution and Universal Ssd x2 . We Have Different Type
Of Chemicals That Can Perfectly Clean Out Your Deface Notes, Black Note, Red Notes ,Green , Stained Notes . Stamped Notes And Also Coted Notes .Even If Your Defaced Currency Is Stocked In A Bucket We Will Help You Bring It Back To Life .

We Also Melt Frozen Chemicals In Our Lab And Our Service Are Professional, We Thus Provide Legal Document For All Our Product

We Offer Machines For Large Cleaning And Also Deliver Products To Any Location Desired By Buyers.Evonik Chemical Lab Has Approximately Protected content Scientists Staffs,Engineers,Technicians,Support Staffs And Over Protected content Researchers Annually.

Watch our demo on youtube: Protected content

Watch our demo on youtube: Protected content

Watch our demo on youtube: Protected content


Address : No.23/B Richmond Town Bangalore Karnataka
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EMAIL : Protected content
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MR SCOTT BRICKER for assisitance

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