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teachings in heart of town... (Bangalore)

Special Event Protected content & 29th of November
The Buddha Nature
An In-depth Teaching into the Nature of Mind
A Two Day Program By
Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche
One of the foremost living scholars
of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
The Program Details:
Date and Time

Protected content 1: 28th November Protected content , Saturday, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Protected content 2: 29th November Protected content , Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Protected content

Brief Description

Protected content taught Tathagatha-garbha/ Sugata-garbha (roughly translated as Buddha-nature) in the third turning of the wheel of Dharma. Having taught and set the wheel in motion through the four noble truths of the first turning and emptiness of the second turning, the most definitive and the most sublime Dharma of the Buddha nature was introduced in the third turning. This is also regarded as the bridge between Sutra and Tantra.

Protected content put it simply, the original nature of our mind, the Buddha-nature, is clear and luminous. It is utterly open, free and limitless. It naturally possesses qualities of perfect awakening. By not realizing it, we grasp on to projections and create suffering. Is Buddha-nature a seed of enlightenment? Or, is it the Buddha within us? Is it the true self? What are the qualities innate to the Buddha-nature? If Buddha-nature is our nature, where are afflictions coming from? Why is a spiritual journey essential to see our own nature?

Protected content are fortunate have this opportunity to host one of the most learned teachers in today's world on this topic, and have an in-depth discourse on the most definitive turning of the wheel of Dharma. All are invited.

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