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Don't use "agents" here in Bangkok!


DO NOT USE THE FARANG "REAL-ESTATE AGENTS" here in Bangkok, they are almost all scammers - there is NO USE for them, they just look in the same forums, that you can look in your self, and add Protected content % (up to one month's rent, is their markup).

In a country where your as, a foreigner only rent, there is NO NEED FOR AGENTS - ONLY talk to the owner of the apartment/house/condo.

These people has NO traning, education...what so ever in the real-estate marked, and is just a pain in the *** at all social events in Bangkok!!

I have a good example a agent, approached me after i had a add, at a real-estate forum, we went to see the place, and had and appointment with another "agent" at the same place, in Sukhumvit soi 11, it was a condo for one of my employees - Gavins girl quotes us 35.000,- bath pr. month, the other "agent" (30min later) shows us the same condo and wants 31.000,- baht pr. month! I say no to both, contact the guard, and get the number of the OWNER, of the condo and offer 25.000,- baht pr. mont, paid cash up front for a year, and he says...Yes no problem!


99% of ALL buildings in Bangkok, has a guard, as he is only 6.500 baht a month - find a area, where you like to live, and simply GO INTO the buildings and ask. Some of the management, will try to pull the same trick the agent that contacted me, but INSIST on talking to the owner (or note down the nr. of the room, and send them a letter).

99.999% of the farang real-estate agents here, is just guys that found a Thai bargirl, and have no idea how to get a real job here, so they download a wordpress-template, and make a Real-Estate "website". Mind that beeing a real real-estate agent, is a protected position here in Thailand, we as foreigners, CAN NOT open a real-estate agency legally, that is why all of these guys are not BOI, but just a shelf, they bought from a side street lawyer! (51% Thai, 49% Farang ownership, and fake nominees - the good news, is that the government, is looking in to 39.000 Co.Ltd's who is like this, and if they are not real, they will be closed and all values will be confiscated)

Go to Sites as: Protected content (Use Google Crome browser, it can translate the Thai, so you will get the meaning of the add's)

There are other websites, but some of them is being infected with these annoying no-good "agents".

BUT if you are smart, you can use them as "usefull idiots" to show you a lot of condo's and then write down the room number, and send the owner a letter or get the owner's phone number from the guard for 20 baht ;)

This is is a general good advice, for all "newcomers" to Thailand - THERE IS NO NEED FOR THESE SCAMMERS.

The rental market is very open, and you do NOT need any advice from these agent's. They can not grant you any legal advice or security, they are just an unnecessary add to the rental cost.

In country's where you have to obtain a mortgage. Get legal advice on interest rats etc...yes use a lawyer or a REAL educated Real-Estate agent. But in Bangkok...NO! Just use the forums, and do your own search - book a hotel for the first 3 days, hotels are dirt cheap in Thailand. And you can find a nice condo/house in no time - WITH OUT ANY AGENTS.

Feel free to PM me, for a FREE friendly advice, or just write in this thread, so everyone can gain, from the FREE information, these forums should contain.

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