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"Serviced Apartments" or "Hotel Residence" (Bangkok)

Hi All,

Im sure you have all had questions like this before on this forum so apologies for being another one.

I am relocating to Bangkok at least for 3 months and then maybe on to KL in the new year, depending on Business needs.

I came there last week and stayed 2 mins from the Asok / Sukhumvit stations near Terminal 21.

I wanted to know, where would be a good place to try and find a Serviced Apartment or Hotel Residence? Since I will only be there for 3 or so months, I was thinking it might be better to stay in such a place - even though I could stay in a hotel (the Grand Millenium is where I stayed and it was nice) - I dont really want to as you can tend to get Cabin Fever just staying in a hotel for so long.

So what I would really appreciate is :

1) What would be a good place to stay where there are loads of expats?
2) Any suggestions of any places that have loads of expats there?

I would be ideally looking for a 2 bed place, but can happily be in a one bed place too.

I dont know the city or the transport links too good..and thought Sukhumvit would be a good place? but would happily take your guidance

Appreciate your help in Advance


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