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Advice on moving to Switzerland for under-30's. (Basel)

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking a little bit about Switzerland again lately.

I am currently about 18 months into life in Poland. I am now working in the IT sector-Tech. Support-and see this as maybe a path back to life in a country with better opportunities.

I am Irish but I do speak French and Austrian German as well as lower-intermediate Polish. I speak French and German fluently although I use more French than German in my current job.

I am wondering what are the employment prospects for someone like me if I get another Protected content of IT experience and improve my Polish to fluency/maybe pick up another language? I am thinking of doing Czech next and then looking at a move to Switzerland permanently in Protected content .

My background: I am 25, have a good degree in Business and Languages-and have studied in France and lived and worked in Austria, The Czech Republic and Poland. I visited Fribourg for a week in Protected content on my Erasmus in France and loved it and would love to have a good job and a home there in the next Protected content if possible. I feel at home in Poland and even more so in The Czech Republic but would definitely not stay in Poland long term.

I tried to do a year teaching English in Switzerland but my application was rejected for no reason, so I went to Austria instead.

I have 2 years teaching experience, Protected content HR experience and have recently started working in Tech support with a view to a long term career in IT.

Do companies really demand extensive experience to even consider you in Switzerland? How difficult is it? Is there any part of Switzerland in which, if I arrive as a 26 or 27 year old with some IT work experience and a few languages, I may be considered an asset?

Another thing I would also consider is studying something like slavic languages in one of the universities there, if there is any possibility to find a job while doing so.

Is it best to just pick a spot, save enough for the first Protected content , and show up looking for work? There does not seem to be much online.

That's another thing-what are the best sites/FB pages to research jobs and housing in Western and Central Switzerland?

I have wanted to try life there for years and would have studied there if all of my French lecturers had not refused to allow me to do so(France was obligatory they said).

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