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Andrey Vasilyev

Living in Switzerland, from Russia

"I was able to connect with other expats in Zurich who enjoy cycling as much as I do and organize weekly rides."

Elin Gustavson

Living in Switzerland, from Sweden

"At the first InterNations event that I attended, I met my wonderful partner. We now live together in a flat next to the Limmat."

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Welcome to Our Network of Expats in Switzerland!

Grüezi and a warm welcome to our local expat communities in Switzerland! InterNations is a global network of expats and global minds dedicated to making your life abroad easier. If you have any questions or concerns about making the move to the country, then you can call on your new network of experienced expats.

You may be interested to ask, “what's the education system like in Switzerland?”,“how much does it cost to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Geneva?”, or “how expensive is it to live in Zurich?”. Whatever you need to know, our experienced expat community will be able to help you and answer your questions.

So join InterNations today and start networking and interacting. The vast network of expats in Switzerland has years of experience living abroad and are more than happy to impart their knowledge. They also have a good understanding of the culture in Switzerland, and will be able to tell you where you can get the best rösti, that's for sure.

Next to Switzerland we host several more communities in Western Europe, e.g., our network of Expat Germany. Or you might be interested in our Expat Peru community which is also fairly active.

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Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Switzerland, their partners and families.

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Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Switzerland expat forums.

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Meet up with expatriates of diverse backgrounds and nationalities at our regular InterNations Events.

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Embark on Your Life as an Expat in Switzerland

Switzerland may not have a coastline, but it has plenty of leisure activities, as the central European home to the mountainous high peaks of the Alps. Its exciting hiking trails and ski resorts are world famous. Its cities are also world-renowned, from the commercial hub of Zurich to the bohemian diplomatic Geneva.

Most expats move to Switzerland for its banking and finance industries, as well as its chocolates. Switzerland's major cities have been praised for their excellent infrastructure and it was voted as the fourth best place for expats to live in the InterNations Expats Insider survey. Switzerland was also voted as the safest place to live, and as the country with the best travel and transportation and the country that offers the highest quality of life. Excellent living conditions and safe cities no doubt contributed to the results.

Its strong economy draws expats from all over the world with low employment, a skilled labor force, and the highest per capita GDP in the world. Switzerland was also voted as the best country for expat education, so it is great for families.

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Find Like-Minded People to Share Your Adventure in Switzerland With

In order to become a member of InterNations, all of those interested go through an approval process to ensure we uphold the high quality of our network. This way, you can rest easy that all of your interactions on InterNations, both online and offline, will be conducted in a safe environment.

Once you have joined InterNations you will have instant access to the groups and events taking place in Switzerland. From Geneva's jazz lovers to Zurich's dancing and Latin clubs, if you have a hobby or interest that you are keen to start or continue you can do it through InterNations. And what's great about these groups is that you get to meet lots of like-minded expats that know exactly what you are going through and will be able to support you on your journey in Switzerland. To meet a wide range of international people with fascinating stories to share, you can also attend our larger community-wide social events.

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