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Anybody interested in QROPS (Basel)


When I came to Switzerland, I joined my company pension scheme. I had a series of small pensions at various institutions in the UK from previous jobs and wanted to consolidate them to a QROPS. Unfortunately my company scheme is not registered with the UK HMRC and therefore could not accept transfers from my UK pension schemes. I was advised by my bank that in fact that under these circumstances it is not possible to transfer my UK pensions to Switzerland. I therefore started discussions with some QROPS providers I found online, but these seemed completely unreliable in most cases and downright shady in others. I therefore continued my research and despite what my bank originally told me, I have recently found out that this it is in fact possible to move all of my UK pensions to a single Swiss QROPS. If anyone wishes to do the same, since it can make a huge financial difference, I'd be happy to share my experiences on this.

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