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heads up! landlady's intrusion! (Beijing)

we are a Malaysian and German couple, who rented a unit at the Seasons Park (海晟名苑) Unit 1 Level Protected content 一单元). These are some of our bad experiences:

- 'soft' landlady's intrusion: she sent her private agents to pay unwelcome visits without any calls in advance. They normally annoyed us by knocking on the door and ringing the bells relentless until you opened the door.

- rough landlady's intrusion: Due to a few times of 'soft' intrusion, we decided to reject any unwelcome visits by refusing to open the door (meanwhile sought help from our housing agent). One of us was working from home on the day that they tried to open the door with a master key!! Luckily the door was locked from the inside!! We reported to the police and they finally stopped.

We installed a CCTV camera at home so that we can monitor from distance everytime we go on holidays. This is insane and exhausting experience!

We are moving out very soon and hoping to alert all expats who might come across this landlady called Liu Xiao Dan (刘小丹).

Be aware and protect your rights of foreigners!

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