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Looking for roommate in Sanlitun (Beijing)


I have have been looking at many apartments near Sanlitun (best place to live in Beijing) over the past week with my friend and I have come to the conclusion that getting a 3 (or 4) br is more cost effective than a 2br, hence my ad!

This ad will be very straightforward unlike many ads in the beijinger (trust me agencies are the biggest liars ever).

You would be living with me, a 24 yo Malaysian, very chill, very nice, and did I mention modest :P? so ye I'm an awesome person. Nothing could be wrong with me except that I like to invite my friends over for parties and such. I want someone that has no problems with other people we know coming over for a drink or such. I also do couchsurfing as a way to give back to the world community. So you also have to be ok with people you don't know sleeping on the couch, not all the time of course.

Now about you! You should be under 35, with no intention to leave china soon (maybe we can do less than 1 year for you, but we'd heavily prefer someone who stays the whole year). You must not be a nudist unless you are a very hot girl! You must not be a slob! Basically you must be able to live with other people and enjoy it, not because you are saving tons of money but because you like people, and like having fun!

So about the apartments, we will be getting one 1st of Jan Protected content ! I've seen many and I can make offers on some as soon as I have a 3rd person.

The rent will be between Protected content 4000, depending on what we get/ if you want/need your own bathroom, how big you want your room to be etc, you can tell me what you want and what you want in a room but also what you want to pay and I'll tell you if it's possible. Just so there's no confusion, Protected content probably be a small room with shared bathroom and Protected content be the master bedroom with a bathroom for yourself, and in between will all depend on the size of the rooms etc.

Let it be very clear too! You must want to live like a king (or queen :P)! There will be an AYI so expect to pay about Protected content for the cleaning lady.

My number is Protected content , call if you are interested or reply to this here, my name is Ashley

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