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Help Portrait 2011 - 10.12.2011 (Beirut)

Help Portrait Protected content . Please check the video. Tell me if you would like to help. If you know anybody who can help, if you know a place where to find people in need and who want attention!!!

This year i want to make this happen!!

Please check the below video... it all started in Protected content I was never able to pull this out.
Protected content

Protected content

We are supposed to do this on 10 Dec morning.
We have 11 Days.

What I have in mind:
We find an orphanage or a children shelter.
We bring with us, sweets, blankets, clothes we don t need fun, smiles and happy thoughts...
We take the people's pictures, print them and deliver them and make them happy for a day. we can make it THEIR day.

I'm posting on FB, CS, IN to get support.
Thoughts and comments are appreciated.
Yalla waiting for your replies!

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