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  • Olle Lindberg

    I found so many valuable tips for expats in Beirut here on InterNations. I can only recommend it to every expat out there.

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Ahla w sahla and welcome to our community of expats in Beirut. At InterNations we've created this platform to help you with your relocation to Beirut because we understand that moving to another country can be stressful. So if you're thinking about moving or are in the in the middle of relocating, our detailed and easy-to-follow resources will help you answer any questions you might have, whether it's about the local economy, housing, or even recreation. You can find everything you need about the lifestyle in Beirut in our forums or if not you can ask our community of trustworthy expats who are willing to support you and help you learn the ways of life in Beirut. Simply head over to the expat forum to find all the answers and more.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Shanghai or Singapore.

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  • Recently moved to Beirut
    9 replies
    Jun 2, 2:29 PM

    There are also some lebanese arabic books available. I found one at Malik's that has been quite useful and at least it's better than nothing if you're squeezing time in for the language. NDU also …

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Get to Know Beirut and What It Offers for Expats

Like all great capital cities of the world, Beirut has plenty to offer. It plays an important role in the Lebanese economy with primary industries including banking and tourism. Beirut has a long and diverse history with several cultures including the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks, and French and this is clearly reflected in the city's architecture. One important aspect of life in Beirut is the food. There are some fantastic restaurants to dine in such as Casablanca, often referred to as the best place for brunch in Beirut.

InterNations is the largest global network for expatriates, with communities in 420 cities around the world. Meet fellow global minds in your city of residence or get to know local expatriates before you're moving or traveling abroad and never feel like a stranger. InterNations makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your expat friends, both online and offline, so you can grow your network of friends and contacts from all over the world. Whether they live in Brussels or Riyadh, InterNations allows you to be close to them even if they are miles away.

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At InterNations you can discover our delightful community of supportive expats in Beirut who are understanding and happy to help with any issue you might have. Our expats have been in your position so know that no question is silly or trivial. If you're already living in Beirut, why not join one of the regular activities where you can learn to experience all Beirut has to offer, while making friends all at the same time? They can help you find the best places to eat out or help you find some of the more unusual sites; no matter what you're after, there'll be a group for you. Your relocation will not only be made easier by our expats in Beirut, but also more enjoyable.

  • Olle Lindberg

    I found so many valuable tips for expats in Beirut here on InterNations. I can only recommend it to every expat out there.

  • Nora Godfrey

    Arriving in Beirut, I did not know anyone and felt a bit lost. Through InterNations I met so many nice people, expats and locals alike.

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