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International Networking Week in Lebanon (Beirut)

<p>International Networking Week™ will feature a number of networking events across the world.<br>
The goal of International Networking Week™ is to celebrate the key role that networking plays in the development and success of businesses across the world.<br>
The focus of these events will be to bring together representatives of businesses, NGOs and the community to network with each other, to understand the concept of good networking.<br>
The purpose of International Networking Week™ is to raise the profile of networking in the wider community, recognizing it as an essential tool for success in today’s business climate.

<b>7 Reasons why you should come:</b>
1. Expand your network and establish new connections.

2. Find new friendships, partnerships, joint ventures and sponsorships.

3. Get new referrers, suppliers, clients, volunteers, and supporters.

4. Check new jobs, new freelance contracts or find new talents for your

5. Reach new people and tell them about yourself, your organization, your event and your current biggest project.

6. Learn something new, teach something and discuss anything.

7. Recommend a friend, a product or a service.

And : Be part of the International Networking Week in Lebanon

<b>How it will work:</b>
• Introductions: your Protected content elevator pitch to introduce your self.
• Two networking exercises to widen and deepen your connections.
• Be the first to know about 4 new projects that can help your organization.
• Feedback/ Evaluation.
• Distribution of the exclusive “Networkology and Social Media” DVD, which includes resources about networking and social media tools, tips, techniques and blueprints.

<b>How to join:</b>
Fill in the form and choose one of the two options regarding the dates, fees, and payment method. Protected content
The event is the same; the only difference the fees will affect is the location and the catering.
The fees are to cover the expenses of the event and not to get rich. This is to check the perceived value of networking and the referral system in Lebanon. You can actually make more money than me by attending this event.

<b>Earn Money:</b>
You can earn money by referring people to event. BUT you can’t invite them if you did not join yourself. You don’t want to sell something you don’t believe in or wont buy your self.
If you want to start an online business, this can be a good test for you on how good is your referral system and if you people on your list will buy from you.
You will earn 25% of every registration, don’t spam people and this is not a get rich quick scheme.

<b>Raise funds:</b>
When you register, 25% of the registration will be donated in your name to a non-profit organization that you choose from the selected NGOs.
If you are an organization, you can raise funds by inviting people to attend this event.

There will be two networking meetings if there is enough attendants, if not we will settle for one with the most number of registrants. The meetings will be on Thursday 5 and February 6 of February Protected content .
This is not a selling or a marketing or a branding or advertising opportunity, this is a networking opportunity and if by the end of the event you have a new friend, then you have made the most of it.

<b>Who is coming?</b>
You, hopefully ? . The invitation is sent to friends and contacts on different networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Ecademy, Internations, Xing , Lebconnection and other networks.

I look forward to meet you all, if you have any questions or comments or critics just let me know.

Salam (Peace)
Moustafa Ghaddar
Protected content

<b>P.S.: Tips you might learn in this event:</b>
• How I drove Protected content to one of my websites in two days and Protected content to one of my you videos on youtube in 4 weeks.
• 3 of 12 ways you can make money online. Cant teach you all twelve in this session. ?
• 5 free online tools to raise funds for your NGO. This is part of an upcoming new Digital Fundraising workshop.
• How to use Web 2.0 to find new jobs, new freelance contracts or new talents.
• How to make more money of your Book and wiriting skills.
• How to make more money from your worshops without raising your fees.

If you are in the Media, you would love to come. You will hear great stories, meet great people and be the first to know, and might even do interviews, if any of the guests want. And I have a small surprise for you. :)

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