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Moving to Beirut in 5 weeks!!

Hi all, I will be moving to Beirut with my small children (aged 5 & 6) in the coming weeks. And I have lots of questions! The main ones right now are schooling and housing. My office is in Ras Beirut - I'm afraid I'm totally unfamiliar as of yet with the city.

I currently live in Kenya of a compound that has 17 houses and lots of children - which my kids love. Are there child friendly types of accommodation like this available in Beirut, near to schools and my office? Or if not, what is the best option for young children?

Re schools, I am looking into ACS but open to other schools - I would prefer minimum commute for my children if possible. But, my 6 year old finds new schools, situations difficult so it has to be a school that can provide him with some one to one attention and support him settling in. Are there any sorts of alternative schools in Beirut, or suggestions as to where he really could get this support would be great!

Thanks :-)

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