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POLL for a NEW "babies & toddlers playdates group" (Beirut)

Hello dear moms and dads of babies and toddlers,
I'm French mom of 16month old twins boy and girl and 4.5 years old girl and with my Lebanese husband we are here since a long time and will stay forever in Lebanon. Actually we live in Naccache/Dbayeh.

Before I had my first daughter, I was consul of the Internation Family Group, but when she arrived, I felt overbooked and too tired to keep the families playdates going on.

Now with my twins I wonder about launching again playdates and chat but only for babies and toddlers families to make it easier to choose activities, and not too often, not to have to stop again.

I know with babies and toddlers at home, life can be not easy, we can be tired, feel alone, and more of that in a foreign country, we don't know many people to help each other or to chat and have social time.

I opened this thread as a sort of survey, to help me think if opening a new group is a good and useful idea and how should run the group.

So please, could you :

present yourself and your family here (countries from for dad and mom, languages spoken, kids ages and sexe, region you live in Lebanon, first expatriation or no, difficulties you can find here as a parent, things you deal with fine here as a parent, if you have already family and / or friends here, job or at home...)

Explain what you would expect from such a group

Precise If you think you would join a monthly playdate,

List which kind of playdates and or meetings you would like to join alone or with your baby's and toddlers

Suggest the kind of topic you would like to chat about in the group...

Give some ideas and suggestions for such a group being useful to you

Thank you so much for your attention and your answers, and perhaps we will meet each other soon 😊

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