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Visa help!! (Beirut)

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this dilemma…
Me and my girlfriend are planning on moving out to Beirut in November. Our plan is to look for work, and perhaps live there for a year or so. However, since neither of us have firm job offers yet, I'm unsure of the process with which we should get a visa/what type of visa to get.

Would the best thing to do be to go there on a tourist visa, extend it for 3 months whilst looking for work, and then once work is found, change the visa to either a working one or a temporary residence one? Or would that be frowned upon since we were supposed to be there for 'tourism'?

I'm completely at a brick wall with this, and have no idea what we should do.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :)

Thanks in advance !!

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