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Girls meeting!! (Belfast)

HI Girls, if you are new to Belfast or you didn't know about this group...come once...try to meet people and not only that but make friends. We organize teas, walks, cinema nights so...send me an email and let me know if you would like to join.

Sadly I was informed by internations that the group settings to allow basic members to join was not possible to change but they suggested me to update the meetings here. I am very sorry that this couldn't be changed. I tried my best. I you like to come....We are happy to have you.

# Mission: Stop missing your girl friends, make new ones. If you would like to come, you will be received by friends so come open to find new ones. # Topic: Just introduce yourself and tell us how girl friends meet in your country? Any funny story is more than welcome. # Ideas: Was it a good experience? Would be nice to organize another one? List of activities that we can do. MAKE IT PUBLIC/ BRING FRIENDS: if everyone agrees with this date and time please let me know by simply posting a yes. If you have free time help me to reach as many girls as we can, messaging girls in your contacts or even girls that are new to the forum, they might be wanting to have the chance to meet friends and to have an amazing time.

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