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Jan-Peter van Tijk
"I wish I'd found InterNations sooner: It would have made my first few month as an expat in London much less overwhelming."
Therese Yeboah
"For me, the InterNations events are the best part. I attend almost every get-together and always get to know lots of friendly fellow expats."

Welcome to the Belfast Expatriate Community!

A very warm welcome to our expat community here in Belfast! InterNations is a global network for expatriates in cities all over the world, helping you to interact and associate with a variety of fellow expats in your chosen country or city. If you're thinking of taking the step of living in a new country, there are plenty of potential hurdles and pitfalls you'll want to be wary of — and that's why our community is here. By taking advantage of our collective wisdom, you can make sure that everything goes smoothly and there are no nasty surprises waiting. You might want to know "is the Newtownards Road safe at night?" or "what level of healthcare will I be eligible for in the UK?", and our members will be happy to help with anything you have to ask.

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  • Moving to Belfast

    Famous Belfast residents have included George Best, C.S. Lewis, Frank Carson, the vibrant snooker player Alex Higgins, and a vast number of other celebrities from all walks of life. Belfast is a bustling city that also has its quieter areas, so there is something for every expat moving to Belfast.
  • Living in Belfast

    Are you going to live in Belfast? It’s a city that offers an immense variety of nightlife options, cultural activities and lots of rugby. It can also boast a great transportation network and very recognized educational institutions. Some more valuable info about Belfast is found here in our guide!
  • Working in Belfast

    Belfast is a city in which its major industry is concentrated in shipbuilding and tourism that have brought progress and development to the local economy. Are you an expat planning to work in Belfast? Here you can read up on job hunting, taxation, the local economy and more!

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Having a Great Experience as an Expat in Belfast

Compared to its larger, southern neighbour, less is known about Northern Ireland and Belfast, but after the end of The Troubles the city has taken on a new lease of life and is now a popular destination for tourists on city breaks and executives on business alike. Extensive regeneration means that you can get just as good cuisine or culture in Belfast as you would in any other major European city, with excellent seafood being a highlight. There's also a variety of new public arts venues, and tourism in the surrounding area has been further boosted by the filming of the popular TV series Game of Thrones taking place in the countryside. Belfast also boasts stunning architecture, particularly in the Queens and Cathedral Quarters.

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Our network here is as friendly as the locals, and will help get you off to a good start by answering any questions you may have. But you can also take the experience offline too, attending one of our large community-wide social and networking events or by joining one of our groups and meeting new people straight away, from our women only group to our special film club, or you could start your own with like-minded community members. The possibilities are endless when you take part in our community.

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