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Summer Camp & Summer School (Belgrade)

e-word Summer Camp

Within the program of our Summer camps, we concentrate on children’s education, and organize a program for the parents as well. That way, parents are able to spend some quality time with their children, or to choose activities for themselves.

Activities: languages, science, Arts&Crafts, logical thinking, Culture and Customs.

Activities for adults: languages, Culture and customs in Serbia, Logical thinking, Old crafts workshops, Art.

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Summer School

For children

We will be learning together from Monday to Friday, in Serbian and in English. All the workshops will be adjusted to age groups. Our activities include practical learning and acquiring practical language skills, practicing, a lot of games and fun. The number of weeks each child attends is of your choice.

For adults

Taking the intensive language course will help you acquire the language in a short period of tame, so that it could later just be upgraded.

The languages in offer are Serbian and English. Also, we offer Italian, French and German which will be organized if there are enough applicants.

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