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apartment cash upfront-scam? (Berlin)

Ok, so I'm currently in the throws of trying desperately to move to Berlin and begin a new life. In my haste to find somewhere to live, I ended up on Craig's list to look for a private renter and cut out the agent fee.
I emailed a couple of places, both looked pretty good but both wanted my personal email and then both had apparently had troubles in the past with meeting people and finding suitable tenants. They both wanted to know that I had the money and both had long spiels about being stood up or people saying that they will pay later, etc. I thought this was weird but wasn't thinking straight as I was also packing at the time. I assured them I was not there to waste time and filled out their short forms about who I am.
At this point, both have emailed me back and have asked for me to demonstrate that I have the money for the rent. One didn't specify how, but I got the impression of a bank statement and the other wanted a deposit for Western Union. Both emails made statements about how this was the idea of their lawyers in order to protect themselves and not waste time showing people through apartments that they weren't planning on renting.
Looking back, this seems to very obviously be a scam and could be a very dangerous one as well. I have foolishly told these people where I currently am and when I intend to arrive in Berlin. (Though not an exact date). I do feel concerned for my safety now and would really appreciate feedback about thought and guidance on the matter. Thanks in advance.

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