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Big raffle for Early-Childhood-Education-Classes (Berlin)

EARLY-CHILDHOOD-EDUCATION-CENTRE KindyROO Deutschland (GymbaROO) is raffling Protected content with a total value of 16,500.00 EURO!

Scientists agree: children must be promoted according to their age and pointedly. Because the development of the children does not wait, KindyROO Germany gives away Protected content valued Protected content each. Parents with children can participate under Protected content .

KindyROO was originally launched in Australia as a preventative parent education, fun, learning centre specializing in developmental education for babies 6 weeks to 5 years old. Now it has at last found its way to Germany.
At KindyROO parents learn lots of insights about early childhood development, and children have lots of fun with this structured program that lays solid foundations for school years.
Parents and daytime carers are encouraged to participate, to discuss the subject and to provide the best possible start for children.
KindyROO is an educational centre aimed at helping parents to learn about the importance of early childhood development to later school learning. The unique early childhood neuro development program embraces all the wonderful natural development activities ordained by nature.
It is designed to facilitate the integration of specialized areas of the developing brain. KindyROO encourages the integration and development of sensory (seeing / balance, smell / touch, feeling) and motor (moving and coordination) skills to provide a secure foundation for intellectual development.
Children on the other hand just enjoy the specially designed equipment, the music and the fun around the them. There will be lots of fun and play but no pressure by high expectations.
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