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Charité Berlin

Hi all,

I have a couple of complicated medical conditions that require treatment in medically advanced countries like Germany. I am contacting Charité Berlin for outpatient medical treatment for a few months and they say it is very difficult to schedule appointments with doctors.

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I have never been to Germany and only speak English. I had eye surgeries and other medical treatments when I lived in US so I am familiar with American hospitals and doctors.

A lot of web research lead me to Charité Berlin as one of the best, most prominent university hospitals in Germany. I am going to see eye doctors and psychiatrists there. Though I am not 100% sure I am contacting or going to the right place. Is the hospital popular among Germans and English speaking expats in Berlin when they need to see specialists for complicated medical problems? Do German doctors speak good English? And what German hospital culture is like in general?

Look forward to hearing from anyone who may help. You can send me a private message at Protected content if you prefer. .

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