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how to increase the reply rate for house enquiry? (Berlin)

I just moved to Berlin last week, temporary staying at a shared apartment and need to move out after mid-May as the girl who rent me her room will come back from her trip - pity i cannot stay longer as i really like the flat.

Well, I have taken for granted that it's not a problem to have three weeks to find the next ideal place to stay after knowing all neighbourhood better. But now after over 20 enquiries sent out based on the resource from wg-gesucht, only one guy replied for an arrangement to check his room - and which i don't like much.. It is very disturbing and frustrating I have to say. I didn't realize it would be such a low rate even just for a chance to have a look of the room. Partly should blame to my poor German expression. Now apparently making my enquiry point clear is not enough, I need to have my enquiry standout.

I believe most of you know better about the renting market here and please share with me some ideas how to quickly find an apartment. I'm looking for short term stay, 2 to 4 months.

and i will change my copy-paste enquiry as 1 out of 20 reply rate is a disaster. and please PM me if you have some house info, agent welcome also.


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