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Looking for Mischa (Berlin)

Hi everyone!

I'm very sorry to bother you and hope I'm not breaking any group rules. If so, please just delete this threat.

I am looking for Mischa, a young Dutch women I met almost in November Protected content , so almost two years ago, at a Singer Songwriter Contest at Artliners Berlin. We had this instant connection from the moment we saw each other and when she started talking to me I felt like I'd known her forever (stupid clishe I know but that's the way it was). We were inseparable throughout the evening and when we said goodbye I gave her my email adress. She'd taken pictures of my (terrible) gig and wanted to send them to me. To be honest, I think neither of us really cared about the pictues, at least I just really wanted to see her again.

That never happened. When she sent the email it never made it into my inbox because it was full... There was no way for me to find out her adress and she probably thought I'd misspelt the one I gave her. She never wrote another email in any case.

Since then I tried many things: I wrote terribly kitschy songs which I sang at Artliners, hoping she might come back there, I looked through Facebook, hung up posters but nothing ever worked.

One of my friends, who is Dutch, finally suggested that I should just try writing in this group and I really hope one of you can help me find her: As I mentioned she's Dutch, has long blond curly hair, is probably around Protected content old and 1.70m tall, and studied at a language school two years ago.

If any of you knows someone who matches this description it would be wonderful if you would let me (or her) know. I know it's been two years but unfortunately I can't turn back time and try it sooner. Maybe I'm just extremely lucky and this actually works out :)

Thank you so much!!


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