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No need to feel blue in Berlin.

Dear all,

I'm a 31 years old Psychologist and freelance Writer who, above all, care about people.
I have been working in the past years using a positive and relaxed coaching method, helping and befriending beautiful people, bringing them back to a healthiest state of mind and attitude towards life.

Nowadays, communication and relationships as we used to know, have gained different shapes and for some of us have not been easy to keep the pace and feel happy, balanced and satisfied in such hectic times.

My work is to truly listen to your story and together show you how you are not alone, how there is nothing to regret or feel guilty about, and indeed find the amazing potential inside yourself.
I assure you that after just few meetings we will be laughing together, you will be telling me how you met someone(s) special, and how that you finally got the motivation to start your yoga or gym routine again!:)

It doesn't matter if the reason for your blues is a failed relationship, feeling stuck at work, or feeling lonely in Berlin, or the combination of them all, believe me you're not alone and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Write me and we make an appointment right away. I enjoy working outside of the therapy room, is nicer and more efficient. So you name it; we can go for breakfast, a coffee, a lunch, a walk in one of the many beautiful parks the city has to offer, even a cinema or a concert with the talk before or afterwards. No reason for shame, no taboos, we will talk about everything that is concerning you, and my feedback will always be accurate and towards a positive end.

Let's bring that smile back again!
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Best wishes,

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