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Searching for musicians to play in a band (Berlin)

This is a call for musicians willing to play in a new band.
I am a former ( double) bassist / lead singer with many years of concert / live experience. I am searching for a drummer, a guitarist, a pianist/ keyboard and a sax OR violin to organize a band.

The concept I have in mind is to have 2 “set ups”

1) An acoustic / “unplugged show with the best ever green Italian songs (I am native Italian) + jazz + pop / rock classics + latin american. Something intimate, classy, refined ( Protected content )

2) a more classic shows with very nice and danceable hits with electrical instruments: something energetic, warm, appealing, engaging: typically discos and danceable song from the 70s, 80s and 90s.( Protected content )
And in between why not playing some (just some!) of our own songs? :-)

Just to give a sense of the type of music is fitting

For set up 1 acoustic: (International) Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Platters, Ben E. King, Sting, George Michael, Queen, Beatles, Bee Gees, Oasis, U2 Italians: Mina, Battisti, Baglioni, Cocciante, De André, Celentano, Modugno, Alan Sorrenti, Ligabue, De Gregori, Dalla
Latin American: Tom Jobim, Joao Gilberto Gil, So prá contrariar etc.

For set up 2: everything danceable from the 70s, 80s and 90s…..(to be agreed in details,)

I have already a draft track list I could share to who is interested addressing the 2 “set ups”.

There is no need to be a professional musician, but a seasoned level of knowledge / experience is for sure a “must”, It is very desirable a basic proficiency in singing to avoid to have additional people to do backing vocals.

The main scope of the band would NOT be to earn as much money as possible: the idea would be to have fun, making shows in Berlin and try to put together fun with a good cause, like charity, fund raising for people who are in need.

So the perfect fit for such band would be someone which main job is not being a musician, but someone that is doing that as a hobby with a lot of passion and energy, may be as me coming back to live concerts not because of money but because of fun and enjoyment.

Of course this would not mean to have songs prepared badly or without accuracy; this would not mean not to stick to the commitments once take. It just means that playing would be a pleasure and fun experience, not a job.

To who is interested I would ask you to send me a private message, then we can meet face 2 face so we can see if we have all conditions to move forward.



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