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Dear Members,

being a “Global Mind” is not a matter of income level or skin colour. In my opinion it is a status of experiences made through the life time.
Having spent my childhood in seven different countries enabled me to expand my language skills and made me question the rules and rites of every location I have been living in (even those of my origin). During school time, at the university and even in the first years of my career, I felt to have disadvantages through my multicultural background. But there is always a point in life where you appreciate being able to easily handle multicultural situations where in contrast others experience difficulties. provides people having to deal with multiculturality with a social network of equals to share ideas and therewith realize and strengthen their skills.

After a couple of years working in the wonderful city of Cologne, I was sent by my company to Fribourg to manage the corporate compliance regarding the internal (financial) control system and the Quality Management. Now I am here since January Protected content the region. It is easy to esteem the amenities of the region. A healthy environment, an incredible view of the mountains and friendly people wherever you look.

When I was reading about InterNations the first time, I was instantly realizing that it would connect me exactly to the people I am interested in. Therefore I have offered InterNations my contribution as an ambassador for the region Bern – Fribourg. As such, I am looking forward to reading/hearing from you and exchange ideas about how to develop our group to a vivid and proactive community.

So far, I wish you a wanderful Protected content !

Haider Al-Rashed

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