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Coming to Bologna in October!

My wife and I are traveling from Florida (USA) to Italy next week and will arrive at our apartment on Via Marsala in Bologna on October 6th where we will be staying for 2 months. (We'll be staying with relatives and then spending a month in Senigallia before landing in Bologna.)

We know that there is a lot to do and see in the area, but it would be nice to get ideas from someone who's living there -- better yet, meeting at a bar for an aperitivo one evening. We probably will not have Internet access until we arrive in Bologna but your appreciate any feedback such as where to go (and where to avoid), places to eat and drink, suggestions for things to see, etc.

We'd love to meet up with some folks and hear about how they made the move from their home countries to Italy (something we're considering). Lots of questions, like what kind of VISA would we need? What health coverage would we need? What happens to our U.S. citizenship and social security? Talking with someone who's gone through the red tape and emerged unscathed would set us on our way. Hopefully someone in the Bologna InterNations community can help. Thanks


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