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Coworking in Ferrara & Ferrara vs. Parma (Bologna)


My husband and I will be coming to Italy in March and are trying to decide where to stay. Would greatly appreciate your feedback!

We are spending a year or so traveling while working and are staying in each destination for a minimum of 2 months. We are in Split, Croatia currently and I am looking to book an apartment for Italy soon.

Since we are working while traveling, having a coworking space to go to during the week has been so important for us. I saw that Ferrara has 1 coworking space but it looks like its further outside of town. Do you know if there are any other coworking spaces in Ferrara or if we could easily get there by bike? Protected content

Also, we saw that Parma has a coworking space as well so we were debating between Parma and Ferrara. What's are the main differences between the two? I looks like Parma is much smaller.

I also saw that Arezzo has several coworking spaces so to further complicate the matter, that has been added to the wishlist as well:)

Thanks for your help with this!


Our City Wishlist
- Has a coworking space
- Is well connected to other areas
- Has a walkable downtown
- Clean air
- Safe
- Close to nature if possible, we love the outdoors but also that downtown feel
- Great food
- Not too big but has lots to do

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