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Visa Headaches (Bologna)


Hi Everyone,

I am an EU citizen here on a short term visit, studying at the University. My wife is an Indonesian citizen. She has a German resident card on which she traveled to Italy in late December. It expires in a few days. Anticipating this we have been wrestling with the Italian immigration authorities on how we can get documentation of her right to stay here extended. Frustratingly, the best advice they gave us is to go ask the Germans for an extension.

What adds to my frustration is that the EU gives my wife very strong rights (at least on paper) to be in Italy under the Freedom of Movement Directive. And we have used these rights to travel and reside in other EU countries. Only in Italy are we running into these problems.

I am fairly high up the learning curve on these issues (I'm a US admitted lawyer) and could use some targeted advice on what to do next. Any advice or references would be most appreciated.



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