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360 degree video camera technologies (Bonn)

Under each company name I will also provide information on possibilities of funding and possible collaborators.

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Adapa Trino AS
Orgnr: Protected content
Addr: Inkognito terrasse 4, Protected content

Project proposals include helmetbased 360' videocamera solutions, freestanding highend 360' videocamera systems for TV and Film industries, 360' drone solutions, offshore and maritime solutions, health related products, emergency personell and armed forces headset/ helmets.

Concepts and prototypes:

PentaView Protected content , 5 channel videostream delivering Protected content , currently a stitchingfree solution.
Octaview Protected content , 8 channels videostream delivering Protected content , currently a stitchingfree solution. Camerasystem is housed under a small dome on top of sports helmet.
Nitro Protected content , 7 channels videostream delivering Protected content , currently a stitchingfree solution. Camerasystem integrated onto a motorcycle helmet.

These cameras are intended for various uses, but main markets of interest are sports, automotive industry, police and armed forces. All these cameras will ideally have a stitching solution fitting the different uses and applications.

Potential collaborators:
MakingView/ RedBull
The Norwegian Police Force- Kripos Special Investigations Unit
Spanish police and armed forces

Government funding channel for this project is the Norwegian Research Council.

Funding estimate: Protected content

The RedCam Rig
Concept using 16 channel video capture delivering high quality Protected content , stitching and player solutions are needed for use in broadcasting and film related applications.

This camera rig is designed for delivering optimal Protected content capturing hardware for broadcasting and film industries.

Potential collaborators:
NRK- Norways national broadcasting company
Marc Groothelm- new company will be established in April.

Government funding channel for this project is Innovation Norway.

Funding estimate: Protected content

Double Protected content Camera System, 2 channels using Protected content solution for capturing video and wireless distribution from inside the patient.

This solution is designed for health analysis and research purposes.

Potential collaborators:
Oslo University Hospital
Oslo Medtech

EU funding channel Horizon Protected content by Oslo Medtech health cluster.

Funding estimate: N/A


Remote steering of automobile/ vehicle using Protected content camera systems and VR goggles for viewing.

Potential collaborators:
Norwegian Armed Forces- Police
Spanish Armed Forces- Police
SEAT automotive

Funding estimate: Protected content

Adapa Systems AS
Orgnr: Protected content
Addr: Inkognito terrasse 4, Protected content

Project proposals include cloudbased stitchingsystem, 360' videoplayers compatible with VR goggles, online postproduction software, online storage/ archiving and secure distribution. New methods for a more diverse use of the 360' material are also proposed for bridging TV/Film and the internet.

ADAPA Cloud System based in Norway for supporting the hardware produced in ADAPA Trino AS with software with online access.

Potential collaborators:
NRK- test pilot
Kolor- stitching and software solutions.
Adobe- postproduction software.
Limecraft- Postproduction cloudbased worklflows for broadcasting.
EVRY- Bigdata processing.

Government funding channel is the Norwegian Research Council- French Norwegian connection.

Funding estimate: Protected content
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Protected content

At this moment I am collecting the parties that are to be in the collaborative subsidized project. With regards to NRK, when the Indiecam rig is finished and running with stitching programs etc. NRK will be a strong potential customer case. Mr. Rune Hagberg is the Solutions Architect for NRK and has offered his expertise in cloud solutions and other aspects related to the ADAPA projects. I am interested in creating a platform for partnership and co-investment opportunities to develop all the products mentioned in this mail.
Stitching is a primary function of the cloud system that will support all the hardware. In this regard I would like to have Kolor- France as a collaborative partner.

There are no current time constraints or hasty procedures. The time schedule remains to be set up in correlation to all the other parties in the future collaboration.

It is of great importance to agree upon the possibility of potential partners owning shares in Adapa Systems and ADAPA Trino as early as possible. This is a beneficial factor for the government funding and EU programs, that will be a great source of capital for the projects when applied for and followed systematically. My earlier colleague and good friend Mr. Ådne Midtlin is CEO of Koaks Knowledge Centre, he is quite informed in these funding programs and has offered his assistance in these processes.

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