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A prank call. Beware!! (Bonn)

Just thought of sharing a prank call that I received one morning.
The man had a lot of my details and told me that I have made an incorrect entry in the immigration form in the Mumbai airport and I have to either get it corrected or go to jail. He confirmed his name as John Smidth and said he called from Indian embassy Berlin. Even the number that was flashing on my mobile screen was from the embassy.
Unfortunately, we fell prey to this call and gave him a lot of details. But, thanks to the almighty that we did not pay him the amount he asked for. It was almost Protected content which he said would be returned back as soon as the case is closed.
When called the Embassy they told me that this must be a prank as we receive many such calls.
I would like to bring this up to the notice of people,that though, we did not loose any money, we wasted hours talking and taking unnecessary tension. My husband was running around the city giving him every update. And then we wasted a whole day sorting out this mess. I am quite sure that many of us must have received such calls and many have even paid as per my talks with the embassy officer.Please do not fall prey to such calls. Just wait for something to come to you in written.

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