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Who would like to share their experience with us? (Bonn)


My husband and I are considering moving to Bonn from Boston with our two daughters (1 month old & 2 year old). My husband got offered a job as a postdoc and (if we go) I would have to look for a job there as well. We're both Dutch, but have lived in Boston for the last 3 years. Our main questions about Bonn are regarding:

- Job options at international companies
Since my German is not on a professional level, I'm wondering what my options are with any international companies where the main language spoken is English. I know some NGO's are located in Bonn, but I've mainly worked for profit organizations, like an advertising agency, a publisher and a dot com company. In my former jobs, I focused on online content management & PR/Marketing communication.Are there any companies that I should keep an eye on or get in touch with?

- What are the options for daycare?
How does this work in Germany/Bonn? I've heard in some cities there are waiting lists for daycare. Does this mean that we have to sign up asap?

- Rent & Housing
What is the average rent for a small house (3 bedroom and possibly a garden)
Which neighborhoods are family friendly / affordable?

We're visiting Bonn on the 19th and 20th of December and would like to chat about these things with other expats to hear what your experience is. Also, feel free to share your experience on any of these topics in a comment below.

Thanks in advance!

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