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Peace of mind and balance in a new city (Boston)

On the same thread of luxury and peace of mind...deciding on relocating, visiting for an extended time and/or transferring to a new city, can have elements of uncertainty and pressure to find a "tread" to settle in happily, even for a short stay. Especially people entering globally. The key to decompressing, is to gravitate to your passions and build a supportive, like minded community. To expedite this process of getting "settled" and finding a sense of peace and community, here are some thoughts: If in school, join clubs and network with new friends, join social and business media networks locally, seek out groups that match your interests, biking, running, health clubs, hot spots, cultural venues, non profit, philanthropical groups, ethnic communities and so on. Same goes for top level executives! Reach out and be proactive to make the most out of your time here. Learn about the culture, geography, history and overall unique happenings that set the city apart, geared towards your individual interests. This sometimes is not easy with a busy schedule, language barriers, etc. Take it step at a time and weave in more, as you find a rythmn and balance. Don't forget to look for relaxing venues, take some time to reflect and escape, walk on the Charles, join the Boston Athenaeum to read peacefully, design a wellness program with yoga and meditaion,seek out healthy food venues, etc. Having moved 7 times and extensively traveled to "new cities"...I can assure rich fulfillment,balance, growth and a peace of mind in your new city.

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