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Who doesn't have a thirst for change? (Boston)

I am currently offering a free coaching consultation to anyone that would be interested in making a positive change in their life or is eager to push themselves to achieve more.

Let me start by clarifying that coaching is not therapy! Rather its about pushing yourself forward to acheive whatever is important to you in life (finding a career that you're passionate about, increasing your confidence, getting out of a rut if you are feeling "stuck", stepping out of your comfort zone, getting a promotion/raise at work, improved health/fitness, changing your attitude, feeling your best, bettering your relationships, finding a relationship, etc etc.)

Having a coach is almost like hiring a personal trainer at the gym, but for your life. A personal trainer helps you reach your maximum potential on a physical level, whereas a coach helps you to maximize your life potential. Sure you can go to the gym on your own, but a personal trainer will challenge you more than you normally would on your own, which leads to a more rewarding, fulfilling and faster end result.

Coaching is something that is very dear to me and believe it to be an extremely personally rewarding experience for all. I am more than happy to speak with anyone who is interested in learning more about the benefits of coaching, how it works or to set up a free consultation.

As I am also a certified professional coach (along with a corporate background of 9+ years), for those that are interested in professional goals (team management, time management, prioritization, management skills etc), please just express that when you contact me.

Who doesn't have a thirst for change?

Warm Regards,

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