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SAVE THE DATE - October 25th (Brasilia)

Hi There ,

as we (Samia and I ) are working to prepare your multicultural Party it is time to you start thinking about what will tell and show to your friends about a culture that you are related to .

As we have said you can do anything you want in the way you want it is just to have FUN.

Of course there is no Obligation ... but we are going to insist to every attendee participate and play .

To make sure we get prepared to your show we would like get few information about what are you going to do and what you need ...

As an Example here what one of your Consul is going to do :

NAME : William
Country CULTURE TO FOCUS : Brasil
HOW : Recite verses know as CORDEL - a popular kind of literature that have his origins on North East
NEEDS : Microphone and Speakers
TIME : 5 minutes ...

Thats it . Just tell us how are you going to present some aspect of a culture you like.

Remember you can sing, dance, do a presentation, cook a recipe, Prepare a Drink , Comment a Video or a Slide Show ...,
Perform on Karaoke , ANYTHING YOU WANT .

So please return to our host Samia or also William .

For those are Basic Members and have limited messages on INternations Site you can also return to following e-mail :

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