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Ferry Trip and Lazy Sunday Brunch - 14 April (Bremen)

One of the first surprises, on this cold but sunny Sunday morning, was that I managed to get a parking space on Osterdeich. In fact, possibly because Werder Bremen played at home yesterday, the street was almost empty of cars, aside from one poor soul with a clamp. The usual dog-walkers and runners were out and about, all warmly wrapped up against the wind, perhaps even against the possibility of more snow. A normal Sunday morning.

Our plan was to meet at the Sielwallfähre and then travel across the Weser, to the long island in the middle where, I already knew but had never ventured, there is not only a sailing club, but also a café with beach, and children's playing area. One thing you need to know in advance: if you're going for the Brunch at Café Sand on a Sunday, you need to book a table in advance. Reservations for inside, which would suit most people in the early, still cold, part of the season, but you can pick a relatively sheltered table outside, overlooking the river Weser with all the sounds and smells, without calling in advance.

I've not been here before, so the invitation to join this InterNations trip out, and enjoy a lazy Sunday with someone else providing the catering - always a good thing - was more than welcome. The small ferry took me across calm waters, quickly driving in front of a Dutch barge loaded with sand and gravel, directly to the front door of Café Sand. Inside I found a very well presented buffet, friendly service and, very important early on a Sunday morning, a good, strong mug of coffee waiting.

The usual choice of sliced meats and cheese, boiled eggs, fruit salad, yoghurt and orange juice, with a warm food selection - the smell of scrambled eggs caught my nose - made for a welcome extension of possibilities.

And then sitting in the sun - surrounded by people wrapped up like eskimos (if I am still allowed to call them that) - watching the ferry shunting back and forth, the distant figures of people struggling through their occasional jogging route, the rowers and canoeists being directed to push harder by someone in a speed boat, through a megaphone. In fact, everything anyone looking for an early morning, comfortable trip out within the city could expect. No hassle, no rush, and seconds at the buffet table.

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