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Help for a Bremen Artist. Cry for help

Dina as a Social Project Campaign
Dear All,
This is a cry for help.
I am a professional artist currently residing in Bremen, where I am affiliated with the Art 15 Kunstlerhaus. I am doing drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, animations and performance. My art is inspired by my interest in the connection between image and text, narratology and visual representation, reception theory and the travels of cultural goods – literary and artistic -- around the world. I have an extensive background in literature and linguistics; I hold a PhD from Yale University in Comparative literature.

My goal is to stay here, in Bremen, where I have an ideal intellectual and social environment where I can learn, exhibit my works and be endlessly inspired. Throughout my life, I have been a world-traveller, or a nomad of sorts. I moved to California when I was 16. At 18, I went to college in New York, and then, after being accepted to Yale, I lived in New Haven for four years. During my studies, I lived over a long period of time in Vilnius, Lithuania; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Asuncion, Paraguay; Madrid; St. Petersburg, Russia.

After living in all these vibrant places, I realize that Bremen is the only place where I want to remain right now. My residence permit expires in August. After all hopes and plans fell through, the only way for me to stay here is to collect an outrageous sum of 12,000 euros, which I do not have. I therefore ask you to donate as much as you can either to my paypal account
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I thank you for your understanding. Even a small donation could make a difference in my situation. I will be posting updates about the Dina campaign.

Samples of my art:
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